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Clover Valley Chemistry courses are full year (36 week) high school courses for homeschooled students.  The courses are taught by  an experienced high school and college chemistry instructor with over 20 years of teaching, tutoring, and homeschooling experience – me. 🙂  Each course will have both synchronous and asynchronous aspects.  The courses currently on offer are: Regular Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and Introduction to Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry.  For more information on each course, please click the corresponding link either in the text above, in the sidebar, or at the top of the page.  For more information on registration and pricing, please click on the link here, in the sidebar, or at the top of the page.

Each course will be broken down into units based on topics in chemistry and/or chapters in the textbook.  The concepts in the individual units will be taught through a combination of textbook readings and prerecorded teaching lectures with accompanying handouts based on the Power Point slides from the lecture so that the students may follow along and take notes.  Because the videos are prerecorded, the students can pause them, go back and re-watch sections, and even re-watch the entire video as many times as they need to.  This allows students to move at their own pace through the lectures within each unit.  (Note: If your internet connection makes streaming video a problem, let me know and we can figure out an alternative way to access the teaching videos. 🙂 )  There will also be live meetings once per week where I will answer questions, review concepts, clarify topics, and generally troubleshoot any problems that may have arisen over the course of the previous week.  For students who cannot fit the live meeting into their schedules, the meeting will be recorded and made available to watch at any time afterwards.  I’m also always just an email away should a student require help at any time.

The courses will be run and managed through CourseSites by BlackBoard.  It’s a course management system that allows me to store access to all the course content in one place to make life simpler for both the students and myself. 🙂  We will also be using Zoom for our live meetings.

Each unit will be assessed through a combination of small assignments, quizzes, unit/chapter tests, and/or labs.  There will be a midterm exam and a final exam for each course.

Synchronous aspects of the courses:

*set start and end dates

*due dates for assignments, quizzes, tests, labs, and exams

*weekly live meetings (although can also be used asynchronously – see below)

Asynchronous aspects of the courses:

*scheduling of textbook readings is flexible

*prerecorded lectures can be watched at any time with as many breaks or pauses as needed

*the recordings of the weekly live meetings can be accessed any time after the meetings have occurred

If you are interested in any of the chemistry courses on offer or have questions regarding any aspect of the courses, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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